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How To Maintain The Mcilpoog automatic coffee machine

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How To Maintain The Mcilpoog automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine has become essential appliances in many families, automatic coffee machine price is not expensive, but it is a very powerful effect, use of automatic coffee machine to make the coffee is very convenient, so full automatic coffee machine by the favour of people, after buying automatic coffee machine, it is necessary for us to do a good job of automatic coffee machine maintenance.

A fully automatic coffee machine works basically the same way. As long as you before switching on the power: check the water tank, bean bin, coffee grounds tank is properly placed, before switching on the power. Generally, the new coffee machine should be automatically cleaned after starting up. After the red light flashes, it can operate normally. Adjust the thickness, concentration and cup size of coffee beans according to your own taste.

1. Ensure that the coffee machine is placed in a dry, ventilated room to prevent moisture, which will easily cause damage to the coffee machine.

2. Avoid frequent moving and external force impact. Mechanical damage is the most common problem of the coffee machine, so it should be handled with care when moving. Keep the machine clean inside and outside. Use 220V special power socket, with the best current protection facilities. It is better to turn off the power supply of the machine when it is not used for a long time.

3. The bucket in the machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no water fouling and scale in the bucket. Cleaning twice a month is recommended. The raw material bucket should be cleaned with warm water regularly, and should be completely dried to remove moisture before rejoining the raw material for use. Cleaning is recommended once a month.

4. The water tray should be cleaned daily and put back to its original position. Use a clean, damp rag to wipe the area around the cup frequently. The exhaust hood behind the coffee body should be cleaned regularly. After decomposition, it should be soaked in water to remove impurities such as raw material powder and dust. Pay attention to the removal of moisture before reassembly.

5. Regularly clean the dust and other foreign bodies on the exhaust fan with a small brush, and pay attention to the removal of moisture before reassembly. Use coffee machine special paper cup to avoid cup failure. Coffee machine specific ingredients are recommended. Moisture will cause the raw material in the barrel to caking, pay attention to keep the machine and barrel dry. Use special 220V socket to avoid current instability affecting the running condition of the machine.

As outlined above, in order to ensure the normal use of automatic coffee machine in People's Daily life to ensure its service life, people will carry out daily maintenance on it. , of course, is also a variety of maintenance way, but there are common way by correct operation and maintenance, the operation of the normal process to guarantee the normal operation of all components, in addition to the coffee machine for regular cleaning to do maintenance, regular cleaning can not only ensure the fuselage clean but also can ensure the quality of the coffee.

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