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The Introduction of super automatic coffee machine

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The Introduction of super automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine refers to a machine that makes a cup of coffee at the push of a button -- it automates the entire process from grinding the beans to boiling the coffee. Automatic coffee machine is the fastest growing coffee machine industry. Since GAGGIA released the first automatic coffee machine capable of producing Espresso in 1999, various coffee machine manufacturers have been committed to research and development to improve its function continuously. High-end models that can heat milk and mix it into coffee in proportion have been put on the market. A good automatic coffee mechanism to make coffee can be fully comparable to the commercial professional machine, and because it can automatically grind beans and the price is much lower than the professional machine, so from the advent of the family and office has been favored. With the deepening of coffee culture in China, automatic coffee machine is setting off a new buying boom.

In order to meet the automatic heating, coffee making, coffee machine water, coffee machine can be automatically completed, the coffee machine designers designed a full automatic coffee machine, automatic coffee machine compared with ordinary coffee machine added many functions, generally automatic coffee machine includes the following functions:

Program Settings: For the automatic coffee machine, the program Settings are generally the same, such as cup size control, temperature control, pre-grinding function, coffee bean dosage adjustment, preset function, etc.

Cleaning function: The parts of the automatic coffee machine can be disassembled. After use, you can remove the detachable parts for cleaning. The unremovable coffee machine can be cleaned by itself.

Heating system: The fully automatic coffee machine uses a thermal resistance plate and heating unit to heat the coffee. It usually takes less than a minute to complete the process from flush to temperature to heating temperature. Some fully automatic coffee makers have two heating systems, which has the benefit of reducing your wait time.

Digital intelligent control: The automatic coffee machine adopts digital intelligent control. The LCD screen of the coffee machine can show the working state at any time. The digital display screen will show what the coffee machine is ready to do or what it is doing.

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