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The Reason Of You Should Use Mcilpoog super automatic coffee machine

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The Reason Of You Should Use Mcilpoog super automatic coffee machine

To achieve good coffee quality, the following four things are essential. Coffee grinding, extraction temperature, extraction time, extraction pressure. Good coffee comes from professional extraction, four elements are indispensable. The first is the extraction temperature and time. The ideal extraction temperature of coffee is 90-95℃. When the temperature is too high, it will produce burnt taste, while when the temperature is too low, the extraction will be insufficient, affecting the quality of coffee. Similarly, grinding granularity, extraction time, pressure and other factors will also affect the quality of coffee.

To provide stable pressure in a short time, the requirements for the coffee machine are also higher. The pressure provided by the ordinary coffee machine is about 15bar, while our product can reach 19bar, which can provide high pump pressure and stable output at the same time.

In a stable production at the same time, the convenience of operation is also very important, can be completed by one-key touch control, and illustrated full color touch screen is a better choice.

Our products have automatic milk foaming system, which is very convenient for making milk coffee like cappuccino and latte. Besides, our machine has self-cleaning function, and the internal brewing core can be disassembled for regular deep cleaning, so as to ensure the health after long-term use.

After the coffee beans are freshly ground by automatic coffee machine, the freshness is guaranteed, automatic extraction, temperature and time do not need to worry about, and the production is stable. Convenience is good, one key production, the whole family can use, large water bin, one family use without repeated water. Even with the use of high-quality boutique coffee beans, the price is half as cheap as the capsule, and the later cost is low. It can be said that the quality, convenience and cost of the most suitable for family use of coffee machine.

Mcilpoog automatic coffee machine precise pressure control, up to 19bar pressure, more stable than the traditional 15bar pressure model. Precise control, precise control of temperature and time to maintain the best extraction time and temperature.At the same time, it is rich in functions, can make up to 8 drinks, including espresso, American, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, hot milk, milk foam and hot water. The full-color touch screen is cool and easy to use.Adjustable coffee and foam outlet for different cup heights. The water tank on the side is equipped with a handle, which can hold up to 1.5L of water. It can be used with the water purification filter, which is actually enough for a family of 3 to drink 2 cups a day.

For a coffee machine, quality, convenience, cost, appearance level four important dimensions, only automatic coffee machine can perfectly achieve. While Mcilpoog's T6 series automatic coffee machine in the general automatic coffee machine convenience, low cost at the same time, but also has a full color touch screen, stable pressure system, a key to make 8 kinds of coffee drinks, as well as automated body cleaning program, is a good choice for family coffee.

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